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Your smile matters, and not just regarding your happiness. It’s also one of the ways that others gauge your trustworthiness and confidence—even how likable you are. If you don’t smile widely or deeply enough, people might assume you’re being fake. The problem is, sometimes feeling subconscious about our smiles leads us not to smile at all. Perhaps your teeth are stained, misaligned, or just not in great condition. Whatever the reason, if you don’t want other people to see them, that can affect your life in a myriad of ways.

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We offer a full range of dental care including:

Bonding: Chipped Tooth Repair


Bonding is a relatively inexpensive procedure used to repair cracks, chips, and similar cosmetic imperfections. In this case, our dentist will mix up the bonding material so that it matches the color of your teeth which will be used to repair the damage. Bonding is a good solution, but not the most durable one. It will need to be redone after a few years. The method is best used when there are only one or two imperfections, and when your teeth don’t need to be bleached as well.



Braces are often not the most popular option for patients, but there’s no denying that they are highly effective at correcting teeth misalignment. On the upside, dental technology has come a long way from the ‘metal-mouth’ solutions of the past. We’re confident we can find a suitable solution for you.



If you actually have missing teeth or teeth that aren’t suitable for veneers, implants might be the way to go. Implants are realistic false teeth implanted directly into your jaw for a permanent, no-fuss solution. As they prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, dental implants can also help prevent further dental injuries, jaw misalignment, and weakening.

Enamel Shaping


Enamel shaping is a procedure that entails contouring the enamel of your teeth themselves to improve their appearance. Our dentist in Philadelphia may also use bonding during this procedure when the tooth needs to be built up or lengthened. Your teeth need to be in fairly good shape for this procedure to work.



Crowns can help to reshape a tooth that has been broken serving both a practical function by protecting the dentine within a broken tooth, and a cosmetic one by correcting a misshapen tooth. They cover the tooth entirely and will look indistinguishable from your normal tooth. A properly done crown can last for many years, and you take care of them in the same way you would for any other tooth.



 There is only so much that standard bleaching and bonding can accomplish. If your teeth are very stained, or multiple teeth are chipped or broken, veneers offer a more complete solution. Veneers are bonded to the surface of your teeth and look as though they are real. They are more expensive than bonding but offer superior and longer-lasting results. The end result is a brighter smile that looks perfectly natural, and because they’re bonded to the natural enamel, taking care of that new smile is a breeze.

All of our specialists are highly skilled and experienced. We know exactly how to numb your gums to ensure you feel at the most minor discomfort. After your dentist numbs the area, they’ll drill into the tooth until they reach the pulp. The pulp is then removed entirely, and the area filled in. If necessary, a cap may be added afterward by a dentist.

This simple procedure by dentist Philadelphia dentistry can help make your tooth stronger than it was before so that it can stay in place, problem-free for a good many years.

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